About the Venue

Gryphons Nest Campground has over 53 acres of lush meadows and live oaks surrounded by swamps (for ensured privacy). They have enough space for over 500 tents and large bonfires, but with intimate gathering areas like the clubhouse and bandstand. Gryphon’s Nest provides privacy, modern amenities, and the freedom to let your real self run wild!

What to Bring

Camping is easy at Gryphon’s Nest! This list will provide you with the basic necessities for staying with us. More information about our site facilities can be found on the amenities page.

Tent (or RV)
Plastic tarp(s) – The ground may be wet from a recent rain and you may want to make shade.
Bedding – Air mattresses or a cot, sleeping bag, pillows, etc.
Rope and/or duct tape – It just comes in handy. (lol)
Food – Whatever you can cook at a campfire
Cooking supplies – Pots, pans, oil, spatula, spoons, plates, cups, utensils,etc.
Cooler – For your refrigerated food items (clubhouse refrigerator available for medications)
Drinking water – Water on-site is potable groundwater, but is sulfurous
Firewood – There is almost always fallen wood on the grounds, but it’s not guaranteed
Axe/Handsaw – For fallen wood ONLY
Trash bags – You, not the campground, are responsible for your waste.
Fire extinguisher/water bucket – To put out your campfire
Shovel – To cover up your fire when it’s extinguished
Lighting – Candles, tiki torches and fuel, flashlights or lanterns and batteries, etc.
Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and bug spray – For the pool/hot tub
Shower supplies – Shampoo, soap, Toilet paper, etc.
First aid kit
And all the necessities for your fun needs – Drums, guitars, belly dance outfits, kites, hula hoops, costumes, balls, Frisbee, etc.

Campground Specific Rules

All attendees must stop their car at the front of the property to register and present a photo ID.
At this time, public festivals held here are limited to those 21 years old and above.
Alcohol is allowed. Illegal drugs are not. Those who abuse this rule will either be expelled or arrested. **Inebriation may also lead to expulsion.**
Well-behaved/controlled pets are allowed.
No firearms (including BB guns) are allowed on the property.
All events are rain-or-shine. No refunds will be given.
No glass containers by the pool.
No diving into the pool! There is no lifeguard on-duty.
You are responsible for the results of your wild-harvesting (i.e. don’t blame us if you accidentally make poison ivy tea).
Festival camping is only available Thursday thru Sunday, or by special arrangement.
There are designated RV areas, but no hookups/dumpstations. There is a local RV campground that allows dumping for $5.
Quiet generators ONLY allowed.
The only firewood that can be collected is what has fallen. Under NO circumstances are limbs to be cut off of trees.
Wood cutting of fallen limbs is allowed during the day until 4PM.
Please camp with nature in mind… tree branches fall, snakes sometimes emerge, and swamps are homes to alligators.
Campers are responsible for trash pick-up and disposal. You are required to bring your own trash bags, and to deposit your trash in the garbage cans on the road when you leave.