Isotope provides hand-made items revolving around rubber. No toy bag is complete without at least one rubber flogger. The impact they provide is second-to-none. If you don’t see something you want, ask for it! Customized items are a pleasure to make. Not just floggers! Cuffs, collars, slappers, dragon tails, and anything you can think of, can be and will be made.

Alternative Lifestyle Solutions

Alternative Lifestyle Solutions will be selling sensual and sadistic toys, jewelry, hedonistic pampering goodies, and more! ALS is committed to providing non-discriminatory housing in the greater Baton Rouge area where anyone can come, and be confident that they will be treated equally, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship preference, lifestyle preference, or hiv status.

VM_Designs offers custom and off the wall/shelf toys. Floggers made from standard material or unique material(such as denim and yoga mat), dragon tails, slappers, quirts, paracord snake whips, and paracord devil tails (snake whip with a piece of leather attached at the end).