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Ageplay Elementary- Coco

Ageplay in and of itself tends to be such a varied, personal experience that there are numerous ways for it to be expressed. Because there are as many differences as there are people, it can be complicated and confusing trying to figure it all out alone. With Ageplay Elementary, we will break the broad world of Ageplay into basic building blocks to use as a foundation for future fun. We will consider developmental theories and utilize unique experiences to help provide littles, Bigs and everyone in between with a roadmap for discovery. If you are looking to find who you are, how you are, and things you can do or even if you’re just curious about ageplay in general, this class is for you

Hurt Me Please, Daddy – Coco

A more in-depth exploration of sexual ageplay- what it is, how to ease into it, and how to mix and match with other forms of play including the equally taboo.

I Cum When You Make Me Cry: A Guide to Emotional Masochism – Coco

We’ve all had our fair share of classes on humiliation and we’ve seen plenty on the variations of emotional sadism. Well, this is one for the other side. The psychological aspects of BDSM can be very volatile and difficult to navigate. It’s important to not only focus on the safe ways to top from this space, but also safe ways to bottom. This class will provide a loose “how to” guide to help simplify the complexities of emotional masochism. We’ll discuss what emotional masochism is, how it can manifest itself, ways to safely explore it, and tips to use when searching for matching partners. And don’t worry tops. You’ll be allowed in too.

Leather, Lifestyles, and Titles! Oh My! – Amanda

The lights! The stage! The sash! The back patch! You WON the title! Congratulations! Your dreams of being a titleholder are coming true, but how do you actually start fulfilling your dream? We will review which kind of contest is best for you and your goals, how to fill out a banging bio, and finally what do you do if you win based on your goals! This class is designed to demystify the process, and it’s meant to make your title journey as fabulous as you are! So, if you’re interested in running, come join us, and feel free to bring your questions.